Thursday, September 22, 2011

Creating QR Code Content With Your Local Museum using iPods and Kaywa

Students in Dublin are learning how to apply research to their community and how to create content to share with the world. Students last spring worked with our local historical society to create QR bar codes for the community and will continue to work on projects this year. The process is described below and we would love to connect with other schools and museums to repeat this process.

Museum GT Project Planning:
1. The museum curator, Mary Yantis, will select items for students to catalog. These first project students will catalog around 60 items.
2. Choices for Creating QR Codes
a. Student take a photo, use their iPods to take notes on the item, and create QR codes later in computer lab using free web site Students learn how to summarize important content in 140 characters or less. Students could also create a video podcast on the item and create a QR code using their video description instead of a text description.
3. Students use the B-Tag app to access QR codes and instructions for access QR codes are given to museum curators along with training.

To learn more about this project, visit our Connections Grant Website.

Research and Student Production Connections Possibilities:
1. Students could use voicethread to create a video of the museum and embed bacodes inside video.
2. Other museums in town are interested in replicating.

Other Ways to Extend to other Teachers:
1. Create a Virtual Tour of Your School
2. Make Displays Interactive
3. Link Books To Online Resources, Link Homework, Link Worksheets, Geocached QR Code Test
4. Explore physical models and maps
5. Use QR Codes to Vote or Poll
6. Use to Make A Graph or Data Chart
7. Add QR codes that lead to book trailers to the backs of library books . . .
8. Add QR codes to math worksheets with video tutorials of how to solve the problems.

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