Saturday, November 3, 2012

Biggest Takeaways from TCEA Area 10 and 11 Workshop

TCEA Area 10 and 11 conference started off on a great note with Carl Hooker challenging the audience to give students a voice and choice.  Carl also proposed for instructional leaders to consider the physical environment and shared how Google uses physical space to engage employees, which improves productivity.  How can we recreate our physical classroom and building space so that the environment is engaging and fun?  How can we give students a museum experience?  Why is this important?

Communication channels are everything.  Consider how your environment and communications have changed.  How do we create an environment to promote curiosity?   Audiences for communication has changed due to technology improvements.

My largest take away from the keynote was the very moving video created by students.  Carl's example of giving students a voice and choice was very moving and educators need to focus more on how students are allowed to communicate.