Monday, September 12, 2011

Awesome Video Creation Tools for Your 21st Century Classroom

A great way to have students engaged throughout a lesson is to give students a creative outlet for explanation and elaboration using video technology. Check out some of these amazing free video tools and give your students the ability to capture their world and community so they can make connections to the learning content in your classroom.

Animoto: Animoto is a great way for students to create music videos to produce a quality video in a short amount of time. Students upload their own pictures, have the ability to animate a short summary of text, choose from a wide variety of royalty free music, and can embed video content or export the completed product. There is a free app available for iPod use and teachers can apply for an educator account to receive Animoto PLUS account additional services for classroom use.

Voki: Avatars are a great way to get kids interested in content and Voki allows students to create web videos that can be shared or embedded on a classroom blog or website. Students have a wide variety of avatars, scenes, and backgrounds to choose from. Voki is a fun way for students to create content in the classroom.

Xtranormal: Xtranormal is another avatar site that allows students to create movies and share/embed to another website or classroom blog.

Windows Live Movie Maker: Microsoft's new Movie Maker product is also Mac compatible and is free. There is an automovie option, which allows users to create professional videos easily and students can share or upload via YouTube or burn a DVD using Live Media.

One True Media: Allows for students to create videos by uploading photos and video, adding effects, text and free music. Students can create and share their product for free.

I hope this has helped you find a new tool to use in your learning endeavors.

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