Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Screencast Recording on a Mac

QuickTime Player is an application that allows users to create screencast, audio, or video podcasts quickly and efficiently. Before you begin recording, you will need to check your audio settings. 1. Go to QuickTime Player’s File Menu. 2. Choose Audio, Screen Recording, or Video. 3. Select the  to make sure that you have the built in microphone option: Internal microphone selected and high quality selected. 4. Choose the Red Record button to begin recording your podcast. a. Screen Recording: Will record your narration and computer screen. Select Start Recording after you select the red record button. b. Audio: Will only record audio. c. Video Recording: Will record video with the EyeSight Camera or web cam. 5. To stop recording, select the stop recording button at the top of your menu screen. 6. You can trim your video immediately. Select the  located to the right of the fast forward button and above the time. Choose trim. 7. After trimming your video, you can share your video to iTunes or YouTube. Teachers working in lower grades can sync videos on iPods for sharing. Dublin High School and Dublin Junior High have a school channel on schooltube. Videos can be uploaded to schooltube , shared in Twitter, or embedded to a website in Project Share or on your school webpage. To learn how to share your videos, please feel free to contact me for individual training, or visit schooltube to see a high school student’s tutorial on how to upload a schooltube video.

Example of ScreenCast Tutorial Recording From High School Student

Example of ScreenCast Recording from Mrs. Thomas's Geometry Class:

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