Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why use Twitter?

Twitter is an excellent tool and can be used in so many positive ways in the classroom. Features include:

  1. Live feeedback: Communication can be recieved in real-time. Students, parents, teachers, staff, and the community can be informed on a variety of issues and events.
  2. Better than search engines: the ability to instantly recieve feedback is the inherent benefit of using Twitter over other search engines.
  3. Connections with students: Digital natives can communicate on their level with digital immigrants.
  4. Connections with parents: Teachers can tweet homework so parents are automatically updated.
  5. Feedback: You can use Twitter to recieve instant feedback from students. This is a great way to make sure students are on task.
  6. Twitter apps: There are a variety of twitter apps that are very useful. Check out Leena Rao's blog at to learn more.
  7. Classroom of Community Learners: Students and Teachers will be able to follow professionals and find political figures, rocket scientists, colleges, or famous people.
  8. Tracking: Track a word or phrase to help keep tabs on current event.

What is twitter?

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